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Razia Butt

Razia Butt was a very popular urdu writer. She was born in  May 19, 1924 at Rawalpindi . Her real name was Razia Niaz but she was famous with the name of Razia Butt.Razia Butt first naval was Naila published in 1946.She had written about 50 novels and more than 350 stories. She also wrote many radio plays. She was very popular story writer in women .Many drama serials and films were also made on her stories. Her famous contributions include Gul Bano, Bano, Naila, Namoo , Nooreen Saiqa Zindagi, Sarahand Aashi and many other.
Razia Butt died in Lahore on 4 October 2012. She will ever enjoy a unique position among great novel writers and in the field of Urdu literature.

Razia Butt






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